Preparatory workshop for environmental inspectors held

Preparatory workshop for environmental inspectors was held under the auspices of the Project “Implementation of the European legislation in the field of volatile organic compounds – eVOC Serbia” on 9th November 2020. This workshop is the first of a series of activities planned together with the inspection, which plays a key role in the implementation of the VOC Regulation. 

The Regulation on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds arising from the use of organic solvents was presented, in detail, to the participants of the online workshop. The workshop also served as an opportunity to present the results of the implemented project activities to the inspectors, as well as the plan for the upcoming period. Results of working on data collection and identification of companies using organic solvents, which are subject to the requirements of the aforementioned Regulation, as well as the work done on the elaboration of a new VOC operator Registry, were presented to the audience. Afterwards, the participants had an opportunity to hear lectures on possible emissions of the volatile organic compounds, as well as the explanation of the manner of determining the solvent mass balance, which is of utmost importance for inspectors and for the implementation of this Regulation in companies.

The workshop was attended by 34 representatives of the Environmental Inspection, as well as numerous international and local project experts.

The purpose of organizing specific training for the representatives of the inspection was to increase their knowledge on volatile organic compounds emissions and techniques for their reduction. The control of identified industrial sectors falling under the scope of the Regulation, in terms of emission limit values, and control of compliance with the requirements from the Regulation shall be entrusted to the Environmental Inspectors.

Details of the Workshop can be found here.