This is the second leaflet of the eVOC Serbia project, dedicated to examples of good practice related to the reduction of consumption or substitution of solvents, as well as reducing pollution caused by the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The VOC regulation applies to twenty categories of industrial activities using volatile organic solvents. Of the total number of identified VOC operators in Serbia, about 50% perform dry cleaning activities and that is why we dedicated this leaflet to them.

VOC emissions reduction and ensuring compliance with VOC Regulation requires significant investments in more modern equipment and technological process improvement. To that end, investments in the development and application of innovative solutions for the VOC emissions reduction can bring benefits to the producers, but also to the wider community.

The focus of today’s story is the company POP S doo, a family-owned company with a long tradition in the dry-cleaning business. POP S doo uses the latest generation of dry-cleaning machines with perchloroethylene (PERC) as a solvent, which enable compliance with the requirements of the Regulation on Volatile Organic Compounds. Also, this company uses “green” methods of professional cleaning such as wet cleaning.

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