The brochure dedicated to the paint manufacturing industry

The sectoral brochure of the eVOC Serbia project on the reduction of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and installations is dedicated to the industry sector performing the manufacture of coatings, varnishes, inks, and adhesives.

The VOC regulation applies to twenty categories of industrial activities using volatile organic solvents. If the total annual solvent consumption of an installation performing manufacture of coatings, varnishes, inks, and adhesives is equal to or greater than 100 t/year, the installation is subject to the requirements of the VOC Regulation and classified as a VOC operator. Based on the total annual solvent consumption, VOC operators are classified as small or medium installations, which also determines the prescribed emission limit values for these installations.

The eVOC Serbia project experts have prepared this brochure in order to help companies from this sector to understand and meet the requirements set before them, which primarily relate to monitoring solvent consumption and submitting this information to the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the ways in which operators can ensure that emissions of volatile organic compounds from the installations remain within the permitted total emission limit values.

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