We have recognized that it is very important that information regarding the regulations and application of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is readily available to the interested public, such as the collection and distribution of information on good practice related to reducing the consumption or substituting the solvents, as well as reducing pollution caused by VOCs emissions is one of our activities.

This is the first leaflet of the eVOC Serbia project dedicated to this segment of support to VOC operators, and we hope that in this way we will provide assistance and offer answers to questions of interest.

The reduction of VOC emissions requires significant investments into more modern equipment, technological process improvement and organisation, and in some cases the installation of waste gas abatement systems. To that end, investments into the development and application of innovative solutions for the reduction of VOC emissions can bring benefits to the producers, but also to the wider community.

The focus of today’s story is the company Tetragon, which has been producing adhesives for various type of industries for more than thirty years. This company was awarded financial support from the Innovation Fund for the development of environmentally friendly water-based contact adhesives, which enabled them to reduce VOC emissions bx 50-60t per year.

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